About Us

The POW Trivia All Stars are a group of trivia enthusiasts from New York’s Hudson Valley region, primarily Putnam, Orange, and Westchester counties (hence, P-O-W).  Founded by Nick Nappo and Leah Norris in 2015, the group was originally envisioned as a way to bring together like minded trivia enthusiasts who could combine to form one of the stronger trivia teams in the area.

Launched in its original form on Meetup.com, the group has since grown to include about 20 of the strongest trivia players in the Tri-State area.  We actively try to maintain a presence throughout the Hudson Valley region by constantly varying the locations at which we play:  one week’s schedule might have us in Beacon and Middletown, while the next week finds us in Peekskill and Nanuet.

As a group we’re an enthusiastic participant in local tournaments and leagues, but we’ve recently turned our attention to competing on the national level as well.  The Stir Crazy elite competition team took 2nd place at the World Tavern Trivia National Championship in 2016, and will be returning again this year joined this time by two additional POW Trivia competition teams.  We were also privileged to be able to compete in Geek Bowl in Seattle, Washington in early 2017.

POW! Trivia is always open to new members, and the only requirement to join is a genuine enjoyment of trivia for trivia’s sake.  Though we thrive on the thrill of competition, we are, at our core, a group of friends who’s idea of a fun night out is good bar food, a couple cold drinks, and having to answer difficult questions.