Leah Norris

Leah got her start playing trivia in December 2014, but wasn’t fully hooked until her first IMAG0980appearance at the World Tavern Trivia National Championships in May 2016.  One of the founding members of POW! Trivia, her best trivia categories are sports, music, and pop culture, though she’d also like it to be noted that she’s gotten a lot better at US History of late.

As the official POW! Trivia team scribe, Leah is in charge of the pen and answer sheet- which means she’s also in charge of settling all answer disputes among team members without any resulting bloodshed.

When she’s not playing trivia Leah is an avid tennis player and enjoyer of all things outdoors- especially hiking the trails in the Hudson Highlands.  A huge sports fan, she’s traveled all the way down to Dallas just to see her beloved Cowboys play, and has zero tolerance for any Troy Aikman and/or Tony Romo jokes made by Giants fans.  She’s also the reason for the current POW! Trivia team rule that prohibits any and all fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nick Nappo

A co-founder of POW!, Nick first discovered his love of trivia on a family outing in Matamoras, PA. Though one of the youngest members of the trivia troupe, he’s actually 13147567_720970817939375_8628755863613828668_oone of the most experienced, already having a full decade of pub trivia competition on his resume.

Nick’s best categories are movies, US History, geography, and all things 90s. He’s also a musical theater superfan and has never met a Broadway related question he didn’t like. That said, he was NOT the first member of POW! Trivia to see Hamilton, which brings his self proclaimed love of The Great White Way into serious question.

In addition to being a talented trivia player, Nick is also a talented poet- as a frequent participant in local poetry competitions and open mic nights, he was honored to be invited to last year’s National Poetry Slam as part of the Rock Slam poetry team and is planning to make a return appearance this year.

A fan of karaoke in both formal and informal settings- and the only member of POW! Trivia with an iota of vocal talent – playing any Billy Joel song within 100 feet of him is guaranteed to result in an impromptu live performance, whether requested or not.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Tim Rich

Tim joined POW! through our Meetup group shortly after it was created. His Meetup profile tagline when he joined was “Quite possibly the winningest trivia player in Orange County”, and he quickly proved deserving of that label, despite the initial skepticism of the group’s founders.  He is one of the two original founding members of the Stir Crazy elite competition team, along with Will Negron.

The Hooded One with Hoodie The Cat of Newburgh Brewing Company

Alternately referred to as Our Fearless Trivia Leader for his ability to actively manage an increasingly complex network of trivia players, venues, schedules, and hosts, and The Hooded One for his signature piece of clothing- the full zip hooded sweatshirt- Tim’s best categories are… well, all of them.

A huge fan of sports, comics, and Star Wars, Tim’s talent for retaining information- down to the minutest of details- has resulted in a near-encyclopedic knowledge base on dozens of subjects ranging from world geography to the history of world religions to World Wrestling Entertainment.

His amazing memory also makes him the effective group historian: ask him about a particular trivia night months later and chances are he’ll be able to tell you who was there, how well we did, and especially which questions we got wrong. His teammates have noticed, though, that just like a hall of fame coach, his memories of team losses tend to be a lot sharper than his memories of team wins.

Will Negron

If there’s ever some kind of Most Dedicated Trivia Player award, Will is POW! Trivia’s unanimous nominee.

Originally from Patterson, NY, Will moved out to eastern Pennsylvania a couple years ago where he discovered Petrizzo’s Restaurant in Bushkill, PA and with it, World Tavern Trivia. One of the two founding members of Stir Crazy (along with Tim Rich), it was almost willentirely based on Will’s effort that Stir Crazy qualified to compete in World Tavern Trivia’s National Championship in 2016. He did the lion’s share of the work in qualifying us for this year’s championship as well.

Will routinely treks all the way from his job in Scranton, PA to join his POW! teammates at trivia nights in Middletown, Newburgh, or Beacon- as much as a 100 mile trip each way. But at least it’s all highway miles. Interstate 84 and Will are old friends by now.

A huge fan of both the Mets and Jets (yet more proof of his dedication and loyalty- are the Jets even still considered an NFL team?) Will’s best categories are sports, music, and movies, though he’s about as complete a trivia player as you could ask for.